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Easier is Better in a POS

  • Thrift Works was made for volunteers with little to no computer experience.
  • It's easy to install, manage, and operate with very little training.


  • Thrift Works is a combination of ideas and feature requests from people just like you. By now we think you'll find it exactly fits your needs, but feel free to request new features. That's what we do.

Integrated Vouchers and Care Cards

  • Track people in need and what you give to them.
  • Assign vouchers per category on a scannable card, so people in need can shop with dignity.
  • See how much has been used from which conference for possible billing.

Integrated Food Pantry

  • Track people who come to your food pantry with easy check-in and reports.

Advanced Data Collection and Reporting

  • Thrift Works tracks sales, production, payroll, vouchers, customers and more. Access reports online and compare between dates and multiple stores.

Gift Card Printing and Tracking

  • Print and activate gift cards with a tagline. Track how much has been used and remaining balances per tagline. Great for fund raisers or billing conferences.

Time Clock and Volunteer Tracking

  • Integrated time clock with separate roles including Employee, Volunteer, Huber, Community Service and Temp.
  • Allows for reporting hours per role.

ID Card Printing

  • Print your own ID cards with name, title, picture and barcode.

Automatic Book Pricing

  • Automatically price books like a pro and know which ones to sell online, just by scanning a barcode.

Cloud Based

  • No more internal servers or networks, just plug into the internet you already have.

Multi-Store Capable

  • Share gift cards, rewards cards, in-store credit, vouchers between multiple stores.


Give us a call. We'll answer your questions and help you get started.

Ben Nelson Sales 920-821-7509

Steve Hanson Tech Support 815-570-9931


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