Time Clock


  • Tracks employee and volunteer time
  • Automatic break times
  • Networked stations
  • Detailed reports
  • Online reports
  • Built-in backup
  • Integrates with Cash Register and ID Cards


  • Free software and updates
  • Data usage (optional for online reports)


  • Windows 7 or higher computer

Getting started

  1. Let us know if you would like online reports for your time clock data


  1. Login to your computer as Admin
  2. Click “Home” on the top left of this page (www.thriftworks.com)
  3. Click the green “Download” button
  4. Open the downloaded file (Thrfit_Works_Installer.zip) and double click Thrfit_Works_Installer.exe
  5. Follow and accept the default installation prompts

Network Setup

  1. Connect your time clock computers to the same router
  2. The computer that will contain the time clock data folder (the data computer) will need a password
  3. Each computer will need password protected sharing turned on (Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center / Advanced sharing)
  4. Each computer should navigate to the data computer. When prompted enter the username and password for the computer you are connecting to, and checkmark “Remember” (IMPORTANT)


  1. Double click the icon on your desktop called “Thrift Works”
  2. Click “Time Clock”
  3. Click “Setup”
  4. Check “I will only use this computer” or browse for your Time Clock data folder, then click “Save”
  5. Wait a few seconds for the main screen to load
  6. Share your Time Clock data folder with Everyone as Read/Write. Usually it's here: C:\ProgramData\Thrift Works\Time\Data


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